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Arleigh Wood

I am writing in support of Elly Jung at the Froebel Gabe Learning Centre. My five year old son James has been attending Froebel Gabe preschool/daycare since September 2015 and loves it. I have been impressed at the high level of care he receives at this centre. Elly and her staff are always organized and ready to receive the children and remember all the details required for their care like lunches, clothes, preferences, sleep needs etc. The children are also exposed to many learning opportunities like music class, library time, gabe exercises, writing workbooks and crafts. We need to open more childcare centers like this one. lt is worrisome to hear how difficult it is for parents to find affordable quality childcare. As rents rise and the cost of living rises in Vancouver it becomes more difficult for someone to run a viable childcare business. lt is unfortunate that the zoning rules are so skict for that it is almost impossible to find an approved space to rent as a daycare space. Elly and her staff do such a great service to families by caring for their children it would be wonderful for them to be able to expand to care for more children.  

Giselle Abijero

I am very happy that I found Froebel Gabe Learning Center. I know that we found the right choice for my daughter. From the very first meeting with Elly, I felt comfortable. I knew that my daughter will be in good hands. The center's approach is very personal and caters to your child's needs. I like that there are lots of fun activities through out the year, from "circle time" to "show and tell" to "library day".l know that my daughter's day is well balanced with activities, play time and educational process. For the past 2 years, I can honestly say that my daughter has learned alot from the center. I would strongly recommend Froebel Gabe Learning Center. As a paren! it is very important that we trust our daycare provider, we want our kids to be safe,learn and have fun at the same time. The center and Elly has exceeded all our expectations. A big thank to Elly for all her effort, profession and hard work to take care ofour daughter.

Cassie lsaksson

My son came to Froebel Gabe Childcare Learning Centre in 2015 after being in another daycare facility and we immediately noticed a difference. Our son is happy and thriving. Everyday he learns something new and there is always something to keep the children engaged and stimulated. My son is well prepared to start Kindergarten in the fall and we will truly miss Elly, Olivia and Sonya. They have been kind, caring and my son just loves them! Anybody would be lucky to have their kids in the care of these lovely ladies at Froebel Gabe Childcare Learning Centre.

Camille Lebeuf

Through her curriculum Elly addresses all the fundamentals of child development based on the ages and needs of each individual. I feel confident each day when I drop of my daughter in knowing that she is being well cared for and supported. Froebel Gabe has a philosophy that supports free play (allowing the children to have times during the day where they use their imaginations and are provided with various mediums to express themselves), music and movement (yoga, dance, singing, access to various instruments), language skills (alphabet writing and sound practice, library visits, speaking in front of the class and storytelling), kindergarten preparation (social interaction with other students, sharing, taking turns, daily routine practice), health and well being (daily outside time, hygiene, body awareness and mindfulness) and most importantly offers a space where children feel at home and loved. Elly works hard in teaching her staff her principles and practices. As a previous daycare owner myself I know how difficult it is to find good childcare centres on the North Shore. Childcare centre guidelines and licences are set forth to protect children but can also be very difficult to navigate around forcing many caregivers to run un-licenced centres - Froebel Gabe has two fully licenced centres and the support of the CCRC behind them.

Sona Narsis

It has been our since.e pleasure and blessing to know you. Your firm, kind and knowing care of our daughter has been tremendous! The model of care that you employ at your Centre has helped our Sarine to flourish and socialize more, as well as learn much needed values that have helped her become more comfortable in the world in general. Learning, play, rest and structure have been an important part of Sarine's' development. You will be sorely missed in our community and we are so great full for the time Sarine has had with you. Keep up the important and great work and we wish you all the best in your new adventure!

Dena Ashbaugh

We are extremely grateful to have found Elly. Both of my sons (2 and 4) attend Frobel Gabe Learning Centre. There are so many things that I love about this daycare. I believe much of what makes it so special begins with Elly. She is truly a gifted teacher who is filled with such a joy and love that filters down to all aspects of the centre. The curriculum is rich and varied with a good balance of structured learning and play. The multi-aged setting creates a wonderful community where the children develop great friendships and learn to work side by side. They also get a lol of one on one attention with extra staff often on the floor. Finally, there is great access to the outdoors with great play areas and beautiful natural surroundings. Everyone is happy there and that says a lot on its own.

Helen Zou

My son Nathan (2.5) attended Ambleside children centre , from moment Ms Jung greets Nathan in the first morning, she made my husband's and my mind completely at ease. Ms Jung is calm, loving, positive, patient, having many years experience in child care and kind in all situations. She is a genuinely good person, -who truly loves all the children in her care and they truly love her. She has been running her own in-home daycare since late 2013, and she provides a caring and safe environment for all the children with organized schedule which includes Gabe education, indoor playtime, outside time, story time, snack, lunch and nap time. She often prepares home cooked , nutritious meals and snacks for the children who don't like there own snacks or need extra. Ms Jung runs her daycare in the most professional manner. I guess the best reference of Ms Jung could be that in {act my son Nathan will sometimes ask to go to her house after his preschool. Ms Jung is a truly exceptional person and I would recommend her daycare without reservation.

Shiraz D'Mello

I have been fortunate to have my boys attend Elly's Froebal Gabe Learning Childcare for a year for the After school program in 2016-2017. Elly is a very kind, compassionate and positive teacher/day care provider. She went above and beyond to accommodate my twin boys (aged 6 years then) into her program. As a preschool teacher myself I am very impressed by the Froebel Gabe Learning Program, the way it is organised. Its creative content, clarity and strong values. Elly has very good work ethics and is a dependable, competent and very hard working child care provider. I wish her all the best in her future endeavours and know that she will be asset to our community with her child care programs.

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