October 26, 2018

The Gift of Play: The valuable lessons learned through guided activities

“The play of children is not recreation; it means earnest work. Play is the purest intellectual production of the human being, in this stage … for the whole man is visible in them, in his finest capacities, in his innermost being.” ~ Friedrich Froebel Froebel was one of the first people to truly understand the value of ‘play.’  We here at Symmetry believe in creating an environment that stimulates a love of learning through play.   Froebel’s gifts are the basis of the creation of the GABE system, which we have incorporated into our own philosophy. The blocks, yarn and other […]
October 25, 2018

Top Six Reasons for your child to attend Symmetry

Is your child 30 months to 4 years old? Are you starting to think about preschool?  By the age of 3, your child is more than ready to experience preschool.  If they are hitting all the development milestones, showing a keen interest in learning new things, respond well to structure and routine, and shows the ability to focus on tasks, then preschool is ready for them. There are many factors to consider when choosing the right preschool for you and your children. These are just 6 reasons why we think being part of our early learning centre is important. Preschool […]
October 25, 2018

The Benefits of a Gabe Preschool

Friedrich Froebel, born in 1782, is most famously known for coining the term ‘Kindergarten.’  It literally translates into ‘a garden for children.’   For Froebel, it expressed his theory that children had their own unique capabilities and needs and could learn better through play.  Therefore, a good preschool should be a place to foster a child’s curiosity, and natural inquisitiveness. The setting should encourage the love of learning at an age appropriate level.  Meaning it should be fun!  A good preschool will allow children to develop their speech and language skills through song, books, rhymes and stories. With toys like Froebel’s […]