Top Six Reasons for your child to attend Symmetry

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October 25, 2018
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Top Six Reasons for your child to attend Symmetry

Is your child 30 months to 4 years old? Are you starting to think about preschool?  By the age of 3, your child is more than ready to experience preschool.  If they are hitting all the development milestones, showing a keen interest in learning new things, respond well to structure and routine, and shows the ability to focus on tasks, then preschool is ready for them.

There are many factors to consider when choosing the right preschool for you and your children. These are just 6 reasons why we think being part of our early learning centre is important.

  1. Preschool is an opportunity for children to adapt to a more structured setting. Adapting to a more structured environment helps young children learn to make friends and play well with others.
  2. Preschool helps your child develop socially and emotionally: Learning to build trusting relationships with adults outside of the family is crucial to develop a love of learning.
  3. Preschool prepares them for kindergarten: As kindergarten becomes more academic and teachers are demanding more from the students, preschool attendance can launch your child on a path to succeed early in school. From ‘crisscross, apple sauce’ to raising their hands for attention, to getting a head start in literacy and numeracy.  Everything they learn here, sets them on a firm path of learning and academia.
  4. They will start to learn their ABC’s and 123’s: Between the ages of 3 and 5, a child’s vocabulary can grow from 900 to 2500 words and their communication skills grow more complex.  Making sure a child is surrounded by a ‘language-rich’ environment encourages this development and makes learning fun!
  5. Preschool helps children develop their coordination and motor skills. Froebel’s gifts enable children to develop their fine motor skills through play and creativity.
  6. It’s fun! At Symmetry, the children make friends and learn through play and creativity.

At Symmetry, we are passionate about providing children with a strong foundation to make sure they are successful in all aspects of their lives.  Our belief lies in the idea that we nurture the whole child and we look forward to working with you – the parents – to create the best educational experience possible at the Symmetry Early Learning Centre.

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